Messidona flat cables are made of bright-annealed 99.97% pure copper conductors where inner cores are made with a specific grade PVC compound while outer sheath is made of HR-PVC to provide protection against chemicals, water, greases.oils, etc.which provides long life and safety against electrical hazards.

Messidona had taken great care to design this cable to be used with submersible motor pumpset as it is to be inserted in a narrow metal pipe which may leave cut on outer sheath which may leads to electrical hazards or motor-pumpset malfunction ,hence the all new state of the art design will help getting lesser or no cuts on the outer sheath. The design is exclusively patented by Messidona cables Inc. which shall not be copied by any other manufacturer.

Messidona submersible cables THREE CORE pvc sheathed as per IS 694, 1990

Messidona copper wires are made of bright-annealed 99.97% pure copper conductors insulated with FR Grade PVC compound which helps restricting fire at high temperatures which confirms to IS 694:1990.

Widely used in House wiring, Concealed wiring, Industrial panel wiring, Distribution boards or Panel wiring, at residential buildings, commercial complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools ,Colleges, Multistoreyed buildings, etc.

Messidona copper wires single core unsheathed PVC Insulated,1.1kv Grade
Rates & Details on request for higher sizes upto
Messidona Aluminium cables & wires sheated unsheated armms & unarounded,pvc insulated craded 1-1kv
Rated & details on request for higher sizes upto 240

Messidona Armoured Aluminium cable is made of pure Aluminium conductor in single strand as well as multiple strands with 1.1 kv Grade PVC insulation metal strip armour and PVC sheathed for best performance and protection while used in air.

Messidona unarmoured cables are made with same care as armoured cables but without metal strip armour for usage on walls or underground or concealed.

Messidona Aluminium wires are made with 1.1kv grade PVC insulation conforming IS 1554 which is generally used to bring electric connection for motor-pump sets from long distance.

Communication Cable
CCTV Camera Cable3+1
CCTV Camera Cable(2 way Audio)4+1
CAT-5 (100 mhz)0.50mm
CAT-6(250 mhz)0.60mm
CAT-6a (10 gb) 0.60mm
Telephone CableUpTo 10 Pairs
Messidona Propelene ropes with best quality raw material
dia(mm)Safe load kg.Weight kg per 100mm Approx.
Rates & details on request for higher sizes upto 48mm

Messidona P.P.Ropes are made with best quality virgin poly propelene which conforms IS 5175/1992 .

Messidona p-p-ropes assure negligible water absorption,excellent chemical resistance, amazing friction resistance,minimum elasticity,great shock energy,heat resistance, light weight and slippage free high strength with flexibility.Used to support U-PVC column pipes installed with submersible pumps.

Messidona UPVC column pipes for submersible pump
1.0"(25mm) STQ
1.25"(32mm) STD

1.25"(32mm) STD

2"(50mm) STD


2'5"(65mm) STD


3"(80mm) STD


4"(100mm) STD



Messidona U-PVC column pipes are designed and produced with great care on advanced CNC machines.

The tensile strength of compound and unique threaded coupling joint assures hassle free performance,conforms IS 4985 Standard length 3mtrs, while specific size &/or length shall be provided at extra cost.